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Folding Door Systems

Folding doors are used to provide maximum openness in a room and seamless transition from indoors to outdoors or room to room.  Folding doors make wide open space possible when going from one room to another, and are perfect for access to decks and patios as well.

With a folding door system, you have multiple doors that fold upon each other in an accordion fashion, rather than just one or two doors opening and closing into a room.  They are essentially a series of doors that run on a track, folding to open and straightening out to close.  The doors typically take up a large section of what would be the wall.  The benefit of these doors is that you can create a much more open living space with these types of doors, while still having the ability to close off the area if you want to.  Many people opt for folding door systems that lead to a deck, patio, or porch area because it makes outdoor living so much easier and provides ample views outside.  Imagine if you had an entire wall area that was open to a view, rather than just a single door and possibly some windows.

When choosing what type of folding doors you want, you really have a lot of options.  Most people are interested in glass doors because that allows for better views when the doors are shut, but they also look pretty when the doors are open.  There are doors with full panes of glass, but there are also ones that have sections of glass or are half glass and half wood.  When it comes to choosing which folding door is right for you, it really will depend on your personal taste and what you think will look best within your home.

You also don’t want to sacrifice quality when it comes to selecting your folding door system.  One of the most important parts of the system is the track it runs on, and you want to make sure that you have doors that open and close smoothly and will do so for years to come.  Obviously, you also want high quality doors that won’t be prone to damage.  Make sure that you’re purchasing your doors from a reputable manufacturer and that the installation is done by a professional.