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Flush Doors – A Simple Style

Sometimes a door with a lot of adornments or designs isn’t quite what you want.  Some doors with their mouldings or various panels can seem like too much for your home.  After all, if you have a home that demands focus, then the doors should either match that focus or move out of the way.

This is a perfect reason for flush doors within the home.  A flush door has a very basic style that makes it highly versatile and quite popular for numerous types of homes.  While these doors can be used as an exterior door, they are most popular as an interior door.  Each side of a flush door is typically plain on each side, though it is possible for the wood veneer to have patterns or inlays.  Rather than style, think of them as functional doors instead.  Between the two faces the door may be hollow or it may have a solid core.  If the door is considered hollow, that doesn’t mean it may not have some kind of support system on the inside, such as a honeycomb construction.

These types of doors are still given the same treatments as other quality doors, such as a finish or at least some type of sealant to help prevent against warping or other type of damage.  While there are flush doors out there that are made of lesser quality materials such as thin laminate or plywood on each side, a higher quality company will provide flush doors made with solid wood.  They don’t always have to be the traditional rectangular shape, either.  Flush doors can come in arched forms, sliding forms, and more.

People with flush doors can occasionally get creative with them.  Some flush doors blend so nicely with the walls when they are closed that people will paint them with intricate designs or patterns in order to make them look like a piece of wall art.  However, if you do decide to choose a lovely piece of wood for your flush door, you may want to skip the paints and go directly to the variety of finishes available.  Ask about the different colors of stains, glazes, or topcoats.  These can make even a flush door something special.  When done right, you can use the door as a means to help the room itself pop and draw in visitors’ eyes.

Flush doors are an excellent choice when you need something basic for multiple rooms of your home, or just like your doors to be nice and simple.