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Famous Doors Around the World

Doors are gateways to nearly everything. From a family home to some of the most famous locations in the world, a single step through a door can change everything.  You may walk through and enter into a stunning museum or a grand castle.  Some doors have become famous, be it through history, films, or literature.  So what are some of the world’s most famous doors?

Number 10 Downing Street is arguably home to one of the most famous doors in the world.  A simple black design with the number 10, there have been 53 British Prime Ministers that have come through the doors and seen all manner of things.  The door is always guarded by police and can actually not be opened from the outside.  The door only opens from within, so if you hope to go through them, you need to be invited.

Dublin sports not just one door that is well-known, but dozens and dozens of them!  Dublin is popular for its multi-colored doors.  Walk down a street and you will quickly realize that each and every door is a different color and adorned with unique accents.  No one door is alike.  These doors have been the subject of multiple artist creations and make for excellent photography compilations.

Florence Baptistery or Battistero di San Giovanni is located in Italy where the doors took 27 years to create.  Done by Lorenzo Ghiberti and two of his colleagues, the doors utilize ten panels, each one depicting a scene from the Old Testament.  The doors of this religious building also include the first known use of what is called the “principles of perspective.”  This may also be why Michelangelo referred to these doors are the Gates of Paradise.  From far away, they look like any other door with a golden hue, but closer inspection reveals amazing detail and beauty.

Construction on the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore began in 1296.  It’s a stunning piece of architecture, and to enter the Basilica, there are three different entrances.  These doors are bronze and will impress anyone who enters through them.  A closer inspection shows that they are detailed with scenes from the Madonna’s life.  Not all the doors were created at the same time and actually range from 1899 to 1903.

Travel the world and see what doors you would love to walk through or see.  There are always the doors of Westminster Abbey, the Arch of Constantine, and the entryway to the Temple of Venus for a start!