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Essential Design Elements for a Home Wine Cellar

A home wine cellar can really bring a bit of elegance and Old World comfort to your house. One of the best things about today’s wine cellars is that they have evolved beyond actual cellars. While an area located lower in order to provide a nice, chilled atmosphere is still highly desired and preferred by most wine enthusiasts (that and the sense of tradition it can bring), a wine cellar can now exist almost anywhere you want it. From smaller wine closets to larger rooms adjacent to the kitchen, there are a lot of options. Still, despite their size or location, there are a lot of elements that make up a great wine cellar.


Wood is almost always preferred when it comes to wine. This means a good, solid wood floor, wooden wine racks, and perhaps even a bit of wood moulding for a bit of style. Wood won’t get as cold as stone or metal, allowing wine to remain at even chilled temperatures. It still works well as an insulator, and it always looks beautiful. If a wine cellar is big enough for furnishings, you can rest assured that they, too, will include wood and comfortable fabrics.


Another large part of the wine cellar is the surrounding area. This can include viewing areas (depending upon where your wine cellar is located – is it in the cellar or is it more of a wine closet?) as well as doors. Naturally, you want your wine cellar to be seen in all its stunning glory. This is precisely why people will prefer a door that includes a single glass lite. Because the majority of the door is glass, it’s easy to take a quick peek into the wine cellar and glimpse all the amazing wine choices below. You can always choose just how much of the door is glass. Would you prefer the entire door? Half of the door? Or perhaps three-quarters of it?


Remember, you can also choose what glass style you want as well. From frosted glass to various glass patterns, there are many ways to customize your door. However, most people will prefer clear glass for an unobstructed view into the cellar.


Getting your wine cellar in the exact style you want shouldn’t have to be a difficult chore. The right companies should make it a breeze for you, including the door manufacturing company. Be sure to choose one that actually specializes in wine cellar doors, offering high quality wood and glass options.