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Elements of a Craftsman Style Home

From looking into buying a new home to upgrading your current one, a craftsman style might be just the style you seek for a fresh start. Because a craftsman style house is about simplicity and showcasing the workmanship of the home, you can feel more at ease, worry less about elaborate decorating, and can get relaxed right away.


There are various elements that determine a craftsman style house, both inside and outside. On the exterior, you can expect to see exposed rafters or beams. If you look at any picture of a craftsman home, you will see these beams at the roof, very clearly cut into square shapes. Porches on a craftsman house are often large in order to allow families to relax outside in swings or benches as the sun goes down – or as it comes up. These porches have pedestal-like pillars that are tapered near the top for a slightly more enclosed yet elegant feel. Recall that craftsman homes, while simple, were geared toward giving the middle class a lovely home that they could be proud of.


On the interior, living areas are at the center of the home – all of the other rooms branch off from it in order to provide an open, inviting feel. This means you can travel from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom without stepping foot in a hallway. Expect a lot of wood in the craftsman home – from wide plank hardwood flooring to simple doors and mouldings. Craftsman style homes are almost always one and one-half stories.


Even if you can’t model your home after a craftsman style one, or if there are no craftsman style homes in the area, that doesn’t mean you can’t still implement elements of the craftsman style into your home. A front door, as well as interior doors, can all be designed to represent the craftsman style. An exterior door made in this fashion can be an excellent first impression to your home as well as give you a stronger sense of ownership to your home. This can be especially true if no one else around you has such a door. That means you can expect admiring comments from people who drop by.


Craftsman style doors are beautifully done and can make a huge difference in the entryway to your home. It is well worth considering a craftsman design the next time you are interested in switching things up with your home and your doors.