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Easy Tools for Finding the Right Door

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Selecting the right door is a critical decision when building or remodeling a home. While the home’s front door makes that important initial impression, interior doors are literally present in every room of the house. Sorting out all the decision points when searching for the perfect doors can be daunting!

Sun Mountain’s website organizes and structures the process by allowing customers to search a vast door design library in three ways: by Application, by Construction, and by Style.

When searching by Application (left, top), the customer may start the search by defining the application (location or required function) of the door he or she is looking for including: Interior, Exterior, French Doors, Closet or Pantry Doors, Fire Doors, Dutch DoorsBarn Doors, or Folding and Sliding Doors.

Another option for searching allows the customer to browse designs by how the door is constructed (left, center). That is, if the door is built with Panels or Planks or is a Flush design, if the door contains Glass, if it has Louvers, if it is a Fire Door, if its top is Arched, or even if it has Metal Inlays.

Finally, customers can search for doors according to the architectural style of the home (left, bottom). Is the home Traditional, Modern, Rustic, Mediterranean, Victorian, European, Craftsman, or Southwestern? Sun Mountain’s library of door designs is sorted according to these unique motifs.

In the example shown below, a customer has selected a five panel door with flat arched top and corresponding arched lock rails. The customer found this design after selecting “Rustic” from the Style search option.

Door Design Search Screen

Once the door design is selected, Sun Mountain’s customization tool (below) guides the customer through a series of simple questions that helps to further define the door, including the selection of wood species, finish color, profile, and how the door itself will function in the opening (called “handing and swing”).

Door Customization Page

In this example, the customer chose to have the door constructed of Select Pine wood (with few or no knots). And while the door design matches well within a Rustic motif, the choice of “select” wood also makes it suitable in a more Traditional-style home. To highlight the subtle grain pattern and color variation, the door was finished in a Clear Coat satin finish.

The completed door is shown at right.

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