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Design Elements of a Fire Door

Fire doors can make all the difference should a fire ever occur.  They have been made specifically to help people and hinder fires in order to give everyone a chance to reach safety.  In order to work effectively, they have specific elements that you won’t find in other doors.

Doors can be made to offer anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of protection against fire.  But fire isn’t the only danger to people.  Smoke inhalation is also very dangerous, and fire doors have been made to take this into account.  There is a reason why fire doors are always shut and should never be propped open with anything.  Doors have been fitted with automatic closing devices so they can close behind people and stop both fire and smoke from coming through.  Fire doors also have smoke seals to keep smoke from coming through the cracks around the door.

The correct installation of a fire door is extremely important.  They must open in the direction of the escape path and should never double-swing.  While some doors do not include windows or glass of any kind, there are many that include vision panels.  This glass is made to be as resistant as the door in the case of a fire.  The glass often includes specific glazing in order to help it stand against the fire, otherwise it will simply melt or break out of the door which renders the door useless.  Fire doors are always installed in strategic locations in order to give people the best chance to exit the building.

Fire doors also have signs or writing on them that explains their use and that they should never be left open.  These are made so that everyone can understand them no matter what language they may speak.  A fire door may also be made to set off an alarm should anyone enter through the door.  This will alert people to the possibility of a fire and can also act as a deterrent so people do not use the door when it is not necessary.

Fire doors are an important part of any building and should be regularly inspected and tested to ensure that they meet all the requirements and safety aspects.  That way if a fire ever occurs, people can exit safely and the door performs exactly as it is supposed to against smoke and flames.  Haven’t checked your fire doors lately?  Now is the perfect time to do so and make any upgrades if necessary.