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Customize with Clavos

In most cases, when it comes to doors people think only in terms of size and style.  Do you want one made of wood?  What type of wood?  Do you want any glass involved?  How many panels?  Any designs?  Questions of this type can continue until you get the door you are looking for.  But have you ever considered any questions concerning clavos?  Do you know what clavos are?

The fact is some people may have not ever heard of clavos before, but they really can add to the character and look of a door.  They can be especially effective in specific door types, such as rustic doors or old world style doors.  Clavos are essentially accents; decorative nails used in doors to really give them that antique look.  Have you ever seen a door studded with dark metal nails, typically with a particular shape?  Then you have probably seen clavos.

You can find clavos in many different metal colors as well as different shapes and sizes.  Bronze, black, and pewter are the most popular colors available because they show up well on the wood of the door, ensuring that people take notice.  You can find them in square, circular, or diamond shapes.  The heads of these decorative nails are by no means flat, giving the door dimension and added texture.  You may find their surfaces smooth, whereas others may have a hammered texture for an even more aged look that will add to the overall appeal of your door.  The sizes can vary as well so you can choose the right clavos for your door.

A good supplier of clavos will be able to ensure that you won’t ever have to worry about dealing with rust.  Choose a supplier that not only powder-coats their clavos to protect them against rust, but also one that isn’t afraid to offer you a lifetime no-rust guarantee.  If they’ve done their job right, then that guarantee will be as good as gold and you’ll never have to worry about your clavos looking poorly.  Likewise, don’t be afraid to ask questions about clavos and good combinations of metal and door colors.  If you already have your door out, let the supplier know what sort of wood it is and they may be able to offer you some excellent choices that will look great.  If you’re considering a rustic, antique, or old world style door, clavos can be a stunning addition to really make your door something special.