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Custom Wood Plank Doors

Plank doors are unique because they are designed with narrow, vertical planks that join together to fill the panel space of the door.  These doors are both functional and attractive, and they can instantly turn a “blah” room into something with a lot more character.

Whether you’re building a new home and deciding on what kind of doors to install, or just replacing older, existing doors, plank doors are a great choice, and this style of door comes with a lot of options.  You can opt for solid wood doors that can be stained to a color of your liking, or you could go for a wood and glass combination door, which is especially nice for exterior doorways.  You also have a lot of choices in terms of the layout of the planks.  Some doors have planks that run the length of the door, while others are broken up and separated by horizontal sections.  You can even get custom-made plank doors that will reflect your individual style and can perfectly match your other décor.

After you’ve chosen the style of the plank door, you need to think about installing it.  You have two options here: you can pay a professional to come do it for you, or you can do it yourself.  If you decide to have a pro do the installation, you can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for the work, but you can rest assured that the door will be hung properly and efficiently.  You also don’t have to hassle with it yourself.  If you decide to install the door yourself, you’ll save money, but you’ll need to devote at least a couple hours’ time and effort.  Installing a door isn’t necessarily difficult, but you need to have the right tools and the know-how to do it properly.  If the door isn’t level or trimmed appropriately, then you may run into problems that could require extra work.

Plank doors are a beautiful addition to any home for both interior and exterior entryways.  There are many styles to choose from, and you can even have them custom-made to your liking.