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Create Unique Curb Appeal with Old World Front Doors

You want your home to have a distinctive, memorable touch, and more than any other element in your home, an Old World front door can do just that. With choices that emulate castles, wine cellars, and more, as well as touches that seem almost rustic in nature, you can have a beautiful modern home with a front door that harkens back to another time.

Old World Front Doors

Does Old World Work With My Home?

While an Old World front door might sound like a good idea, it certainly doesn’t fit with every architectural style. You need to carefully consider the overall style of your home before you make your final choice. If you have a fairly rustic home, a Tuscan-inspired design, or even a Mission-style one, these doors were made for you. They do tend to fit well with other styles, too, though. For example, Tudor homes sometimes incorporate Old World style doors, as do French country homes. The key here is to chat with your contractor and design professionals about what might look best on your home before you select a style.

Old World Meets Modern Standards

Going with an Old World style door doesn’t mean you should give up on modern perks. Look for a choice that is energy-efficient so your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work overtime to meet your home’s needs. Wood is often a better choice because it has such good insulation properties. In the winter, wood has the ability to keep cold out, while in the summer it keeps the heat from entering your home. You’ll also want a high quality choice that will help keep you safe no matter what comes your way. Again, wood tends to be the best choice, as it’s stronger than most other materials on the market, leaving your home secure.

Old World Touches

As you work to find the right front door to meet your needs, you’ll want to consider a number of design elements. Are you looking for windowed panels? Even those in Old World style can incorporate great window choices at the top and on the sides. Arches are very common with Old World doors, but they’re not a necessity. You may also want to consider those extras like iron grills, creative supports and hinges, and beautiful door hardware to create the rustic look you want.

Old World style doors are a great way to make a statement to your visitors before they ever enter. Choose the right one, and you’ve just offered your home an instant upgrade.