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Contemporary Style Moulding

Contemporary style moulding is all about simplicity and understated beauty.  It grew out of a response to the traditional, more dramatic moulding styles, like Georgian and Greek. While the older styles are known for their many impressive angles, curves, and sweeping waves, contemporary mouldings are very simple and low on intricacies.

How Do I Know If I Have a Contemporary Style Home?

Contemporary homes surfaced in the mid-60s and are characterized by minimal architectural flair, oversized windows (which let in natural light), open floor plans, and smooth, clean lines. Their beauty comes from the lack of ornamentation and design. Contemporary homes are low on fancy frills and high on functionality and space. They are usually the home of choice for anyone who is turned off by the “overdone” look of older style homes.

Unlike the symmetrical shape of colonial homes, contemporary homes are often irregular in shape, usually with at least one part of the roof sitting higher than the other. Because of the appreciation for natural beauty and minimal modification, contemporary homes often have nice-sized yards with many surrounding trees (and sometimes animals). Rather than brick or artificial siding, these homes are usually made of a beautiful wood or natural stone. The ceilings may be especially high (to accommodate all the natural light streaming through the large windows) and the beams may be exposed. That further adds to the natural, somewhat rustic feel.

What Does Contemporary Moulding Look Like?

Contemporary moulding is very simple and made to blend in or slightly complement the environment. It does not aim to stand out on its own as a focal point of a room. Contemporary moulding is modest, so you won’t find fancy beading or huge, swooping designs. The lines are very clean and simple. Contemporary moulding does not mix curves with angles. It always prefers one over the other, either a few quick angles or one or two simple curves.  Do an online search for “comtemporary moulding” to see pictures that you can compare to your home’s moulding.

Contemporary style moulding is the perfect discreet touch to any contemporary home. It increases the value and visual appeal without distracting from the open floor plan and expansive windows.  It’s a great choice for those looking for add something small and uncomplicated.