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Contemporary Home Designs and Doors

Contemporary doors are there to be opened. The concept of what is considered modern design in architecture focuses on the idea of the form following the function, that the design should be based on the purpose. Modern architecture started in the 20th Century and is the primary style for most buildings even today.

As a result, contemporary doors tend to be simple in design, with clean lines and without ornamentation. This doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive. Since it is simple, there are also plenty of door designs that show off colors, and you can paint a modern door with patterns or prints, depending on the purpose of the door.

Is it an interior door or an entry door? You have much more flexibility with inside doors with painting, and you have the ability to control the flow of your home. When choosing an external door, keep in mind that it will be battling the elements. Then, of course, there are simple office doors that are all about function. They are also more durable, going back again to the concept that the door is built for a purpose.

Since modern homes tend to be smaller in nature, the sleek, simple look of contemporary doors makes these smaller spaces feel more open. Contemporary doors come in all styles, from simple wood used for front entryways to secure metal ones used on basements or panic rooms. Wood can be one solid piece, laminated craftwood, or even wooden panels. Meanwhile, metal can be the futuristic stainless steel, an old fashioned iron, or a warm copper. Don’t forget glass, which can be used in either interior or exterior doors to increase your natural lighting with decorative window design options, including frosted or a ripple effect.

There are also sliding doors, which can be used either as an interior door (especially wooden sliding doors) or as an exterior glass door. And, of course, there are doors that combine all three elements, keeping that modern style while using all the design potentials of metal, wood, and glass. There are even places online that let you design your own, making it the most unique part of your home.

Contemporary doors are a simple choice for people looking for a minimalistic design to their home, making the design flow and still add purpose to the building. Durable, functional, yet still elegant, contemporary doors work well with modern spaces.