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Colonial Style Moulding

Colonial style moulding dates back to the early designs of New England in the 1800s. It can be found in most traditional colonial style homes. It is a popular choice for moulding remodeling in general because of its mixed origins. It sits right between the grand and somewhat imposing Georgian styles and the more humble and simplistic Federal styles. Colonial style moulding is the perfect match for someone looking for a mix of dramatic beauty and simplicity. Colonial style moulding can take a room from plain to visually pleasing with ease. If you would like to remodel your home or prepare it for the selling market, adding colonial moulding can be a relatively inexpensive way to increase the value and attractiveness of the home.

How Do I Know If I Have a Colonial Style Home?

Colonial homes are often simple in design. Their splendor lies in the beautiful moulding that can be found along the crown, base, and casing of the home. A key distinguishing factor in colonial homes is symmetry. Each side often looks like a duplicate of the other, and they are known for having paired chimneys (though this isn’t a necessity). There is always an even number of windows, which are divided equally between the wooden, six-paneled front doors. Colonial homes are also known for medium pitched roofs, minimal overhang, and shuttered windows.

What Does Colonial Moulding Look Like?

Colonial moulding can be identified by the telltale beaded top. There are also many angles and smooth curves, which give it a beautiful yet effortless look.  If you are wondering if your home has colonial moulding, there are many online pictures you can use to compare. Because of the desirability of colonial moulding, it is often listed as a selling point when on the market, so if you had it, you would probably already know. Most homes these days are built with very simple, inexpensive, mouldings that do not offer the same elegant feel that colonial mouldings do. If you do not have colonial moulding and would like to update your home, there are companies that will install them for you, or you can take the “do it yourself” route and learn how to do it on your own. Moulding may seem like a small, negligible feature, but it can add so much value to a home. It is definitely worth the money and time.