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Colonial Doors

When choosing the right exterior door for your new home or update, keep in mind the wide variety of doors that are available to you.  Choosing the right door can provide you with confidence and comfort.  Three things to consider when selecting a new exterior door:  type, style, and architectural flavor.  One of the common themes in house designs is the colonial or salt and pepper design.  These are two-story rectangular houses with a simple yet functional design.  Colonial style homes have the following characteristics:

  • Rectangular and symmetrical slope
  • Wood panel door at the center front
  • Decorative molding around the entry and above it
  • A large brick chimney
  • Medium pitched roof – with minimal overhang
  • Symmetrical paned windows

Now that you have identified the architectural design of your home, let’s see what can be done to find the right fit for you.  Initially you would want to determine right off if the door needed is paneled or glass, or a combination of both.  Colonial style doors can be designed with your specific measurements by calling or writing the consultant at the factory, picture plans with measurement noted.  As we all know, choosing the right visual style is very important but don’t forget to investigate how the door is constructed.  This is a purchase that you want some confidence in the durability and strength the door provides as well as the energy saving features of weather stripping.  Look for stiles and rails that are engineered to resist bowing and warping.  Insist upon at least one-eighth inch thick veneers.  And finally, use superior quality Laminated Veneer Lumber.

Traditionally, colonial accents or motifs have merely been a five-paneled door with no glass.  As door construction became more sophisticated and style orientated, glass paneling has made its way into the vast selection of styled doors.  Today some homeowners are designing doors with not only glass but colored or stained glass or a specific color.  Commonly, door color should be aligned with the color of the window trim.  But in this day and age, many combinations can be coordinated with a range of colors or a specific type of wood stain.

Creating a new look for the front entrance to your house can be a fun and exciting endeavor.  Remember, take your time and let the creative juices flow.  It’s time you opened the door to all different kinds of possibilities.