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Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

A lot of people think that cleaning a hardwood floor means nothing more than getting out a broom and a dustpan.  But if you want your beautiful hardwood floor to stay clean and beautiful for years, it is important to take a little more care.  Especially because dirt, sand, and grit can be a hardwood floor’s worst enemy.

If you’ve just gotten your hardwood floor installed, you can call the company and ask them for the best way to clean their floors.  However, if you have a house with a hardwood floor that has been there for years (or you simply have no idea who installed it), don’t worry.  There are several things you can do to clean and then maintain your floor.

Hardwood floors aren’t just wood laid down.  To make sure they’re well protected, they are covered in some type of finish.  Different manufacturers will make different choices, but rarely will you ever walk upon a floor without finish.  This is what gives the floors the extra shine and smooth feel.  If you can feel wood grain under your fingers when you touch your floor, chances are you need to start not by cleaning, but getting the floor refinished.  There is a possibility that the wood has been treated with a penetrating seal as well.  If you aren’t sure, see about getting some outside help.

But if you’re good to go on finish, it’s time to clean.  Avoid using a lot of water, and avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your floor.  You can start by sweeping or using a soft cloth to wipe up dirt.  There are many different cleaners that are made for hardwood floors.  You can start with something mild.  Aim for a professional brand for a truly clean floor.  These types of cleaners won’t leave films or residues behind when you’re finished.

To make sure your floors stay in tip-top shape, clean them on a regular basis.  This keeps dirt particles from being shuffled around by feet and ground over the finish like sandpaper.  Likewise, you’ll always have a nice, shiny floor every time you walk into the room.  Always make sure to mop up spills immediately, and make sure to clean any sticky spots with a damp towel or sponge the moment they appear on the floor.  By keeping an eye out for your floors, you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty for a long, long time.