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Choosing Louver Doors

Building a new home or renovating one you have come to love can be an extremely rewarding experience.  Your home is the ultimate expression of your personal sense of style and taste.  Choosing louver doors for your house’s interior may be the right move for you.  Available in many types and styles, louver doors provide the subtler elegance of more ornate doors.

Louver doors provide excellent ventilation and enhance fresh air flow between rooms.  The louver door, whether full or half, can provide beauty to any room while improving air circulation.  Louver doors feature rail construction for nearly any design or architectural or requirements with quality wood veneers of premium wood that add a rich look and simplify finishing.  Louver doors are both sustainable and paintable.  Here are four common types of louver doors you might be interested in:

  • Entry doors – provides ease and comfort to a variety of areas
  • Patio doors – accentuate the personal style of the home
  • Utility doors – great for decks, patios, and balconies
  • Bedroom doors – expand living space and enhance the beauty of your room

Now, once you have decided on which room(s) you want to beautify, it’s time to choose the style of louver door.  Remember that when choosing a style of door, look for compatibility with the existing décor. Here are a few popular styles you may want to consider:

  • Wood (HDF) Louver door – increases the brightness and functionality of any room
  • Plantation (MDF) Louver door – gives a flavor of Caribbean seaside living
  • French Louver door — Accentuate any room especially patios, balconies, or swimming pools
  • Miami Louver doors – increase of air flow which is highlighted with warmth of wood stain or paint
  • Bi-fold Louver doors – customize your decor with decorative glass or mirrored bi-folds

The installation of louver doors in your house can not only beautify your home but it can increase the value of your property.  Take a few minutes to do your research and check for durability, strength, and energy-efficient construction.  In the end, you’ll see an exciting difference.