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Choosing a Pre-Hung Door

If you are in need of a new door but aren’t sure what sort of door to get, you may find yourself considering a pre-hung door.  Pre-hung doors are doors that are already placed within their own frame.  You don’t have to deal with any hinges and simply install the entire piece.  This also means that your current doorway should have no door frame, the current door frame is damaged and must be replaced, or this is simply a newly constructed home and needs a new door as a finishing touch.

There are several different parts of a pre-hung door, all of which are integral to having a solid door after its installation: hinges, weatherstripping, wood jambs, sill, and door shoe.  However, you will find many different pre-hung door options, such as double doors, a single door with a sidelite, doors with two sidelites, and other various combinations.  So which do you choose?

First you will need to know the exact measurements of the opening that the door will fit into.  This can help you know whether you can put in just a single door or something more.  Make sure that you measure width and height in several places so you have the most accurate measurements possible.  Some rough openings may be off by enough space to make installation difficult, as the door won’t fit properly.

Once you know the right measurements, you can begin to look into pre-hung door types.  Choose one that will fit as well as one that has the style you want for your home.  There are plenty you can pick from.  Choose from wood species, hinges, the sill, the door shoe, whether or not you need the door pre-drilled for a handle, what kind of weatherstrip you want, and the swing configuration.  Do you want your door to swing open inwards on the left side, inward on the right side, outward on the left, or outward on the right?

It can seem a little daunting at first, but if you can picture the sort of door you want, you can easily make these choices by noting them beforehand.  That way when you go to make a final purchase, you will have all the details ready to go.  Likewise, when you shop around for doors, don’t be afraid to ask additional questions of the people helping you.  It’s important you get the pre-hung door you want so your home looks exactly the way you hope!