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Characteristics of Modern Style Homes

If you have ever stepped into a modern home, you may have realized it right away. Modern style homes have characteristics that just aren’t found in any other type of home. While some styles may have some elements in common, such as exposed beams or plank wood flooring, modern homes take a completely different approach. One that was, at the time, perhaps unexpected, but one that is now very interesting and very appealing.

You may have heard of modern homes also being dubbed contemporary homes. The names associated with these homes match well with the date they became popular. At the time, they were the new thing – very modern. In some cases, people might have even said they were futuristic. Today, they are the epitome of the open, anti-clutter, utilitarian home.

When you walk into a modern home, you know it. There are no shelves full of knickknacks or multiple pieces of furniture. Nothing seems thrown together. Rather, modern homes have a strong focus on clean lines, shapes (even if they may be irregular), and a minimal approach to architectural touches. While a craftsman house may have brackets showing, modern homes are smooth in their design. Angles are carefully planned, and the interior space is very open.

There is a focus on space in modern homes. You will find a few pieces of functional furniture with the rest of the floor space taken up by nothing at all. You can also find a lot of windows that are meant to let in plenty of natural light, also minimalizing the need for additional lighting in the home. Doors echo the homes, and will often include plenty of glass lites for light and openness. Even moulding, if included, is simple.

For the modern home, everything is about simplification. That is why you won’t step through the door and discover a lot of decoration or adornments. It will feel very spacious and probably have plenty of light. But people who enjoy modern homes don’t cut out their need for the right door or high quality flooring. Modern homes also don’t all fall into the stereotype of metal and single colors (like an all white house). In fact, some modern homes are taking the earth into consideration during their construction and are using materials such as reclaimed wood for floors, as well as stone, for many areas. Modern style home builders are getting smarter every time and architects are looking for ways to be chic and eco-friendly all at the same time.