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Bring Old World Style to Your Home

There are several particular elements of Old World style that can help give your home that change you’ve been looking for. Old World is about comfort – that sort of lived-in look with years behind it. This can mean distressing on woods; deep, rich colors; arched windows; and other things that, while they may initially seem subtle, all come together for a grand, finished appeal.


If you want to start with something relatively simple, replacing your current doors can be the right direction. Old World doors feature arches that help to soften some of the stronger architecture in Old World homes, such as bare square beams in the ceiling. But even if you don’t have this particular style of home, the doors can still really bring in something different with their unique look. You can also opt to include glass lites in order to help bring in additional light or a sense of openness to your home. Whether you opt for exterior doors or interior doors, it’s simply a matter of taking out the old and putting in the new.


Moulding is another great way to help switch up things in a room. It can help add more interest and character. Dark woods that can be distressed in some way (and any good manufacturer will help you get the results you want) can help to add to the overall feel of Old World design. Timeworn looks are the order of the day.


You can expect flooring of Old World homes to be of the same nature. This can actually be where asking about reclaimed wood can be an excellent choice. This wood comes directly from locations that, while the wood is still in great shape, have seen time and age. This means the wood itself is indeed older and will show it. It can be the perfect way to get that Old World appeal.


When it comes to accents, things such as polished ceramic jars meshed with items or hardware of wrought iron bring Old World elegance to the home. Soft fabrics with the occasional fringe or tassel can help as well. No matter what your final decision may be, it can be difficult to bring in only a few elements of Old World style and have it work well with a home that is not of that design. Larger elements, such as the doors and flooring, often combined with a bit of moulding, can really change the atmosphere of your home and provide that Old World style you seek.