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Best Uses for Bifold Doors

A bi-fold door can be a very beautiful element in the home.  These doors are so nicely made today and can incorporate very intricate detail or full glass panels as well.  Finding a place to install them in your home can be a very desirable project.

External Uses

Today, bi-fold doors are not always used on the interior of the home.  Exits to the outdoors can be just as beautifully dressed with the elegant, hinged door.  With superior moisture block and an expert seal to keep warm or cool air in, the doors can be used as a passageway to a porch, pool, or deck to provide an open and airy feeling inside and easy access from outdoors.

For this type of application, it is often best to choose a glass front door. These come in a wide variety, with frames that vary in material, width, and color.  There can be as few as two panels or many, many more, when the homeowner desires a very large opening.

Room Dividers

Folding glass doors can divide the noise between rooms, creating a nearly soundproof barrier, but still allowing light to pass through.  Solid, non-transparent bi-fold doors can create the separation when desired or slide to create an opening feeling when that is preferred.

There are many different varieties of bi-fold doors that can be used to divide a space.  The glass front, as mentioned above, are great for maintaining the bright, airy feel of a space, but may not provide the necessary privacy.  When that is the case, frosted glass panels may be the better alternative.

Closets and Laundry Separation

Are your washer and dryer located in an odd area of your home?  Does a closet need a more attractive closure?  These are great places to put bi-fold doors to good use.  Slatted, with panels of frosted glass, or with classic rectangle panels, these doors can provide an appealing look, while hiding away the necessary space.

Multi-Season Porch

If you have been wishing that you could use your deck for more months of the year, then bi-fold doors may be the answer.  Because they can open so wide, they can provide a full enclosure when necessary, but can also open to provide the feeling of a traditional deck in the warm, dry months of the year.

Whatever purpose you may have for this style of door – in a residential, commercial, or warehouse setting – they will not fail to provide an attractive, efficient closure over a very small or a very large space.  The list of possibilities is endless.