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Barn Doors for Every Style

2-panel Sliding Barn Door
An interesting example of incorporating the barn door’s Rustic lineage into a more contemporary interior, this door (SQ-0200-D008) is made of knotty Alder and finished in Animas River glaze with medium distress. The Rustic character of the door warms the cool Modern décor.

Sliding barn doors continue to be a sought-after feature in the always-evolving world of home décor. Whether used as a space-saving solution, creative room divider, or bold design element, barn doors are becoming a ubiquitous feature in homes of every architectural style. Here are some beautiful examples of Sun Mountain barn doors at home in Rustic, Traditional, and Modern styles.


With roots firmly planted on the farm, interior barn doors are a clear choice in Rustic-style homes.

Double Barn Door with Planked Panels and Clavos
This charming set of double barn doors (SQ-0200-D008-P) feature distressed knotty Alder wood finished in Golden Horn glaze, and clavos (decorative nails).
Double Barn Door with Crossbucks
A twist on the popular barn door convention—the crossbuck! Here, the double doors are placed so that the standard “X” forms an unexpected diamond shape. This door (SQ-0100-D001-HX) is also made of knotty Alder, finished in Slate River glaze.
3-Panel Sliding Barn Doors
Rustic may also be understated. The knotty Alder wood of these simple, 3-panel doors (SQ-0300-D045, finished in Poudre River glaze) convey a warm, subtle rustic feel.


More and more often sliding barn doors are finding a place in Traditional-style homes.

5-Panel White Oak Barn Door
This gorgeous select White Oak door suggests classic, traditional refinement. Finished in Rio Grande glaze, this 5-panel door (SQ-0500-D061) would be just as comfortable in a Traditional-style new estate as in a Victorian remodel.
Barn Doors with Spanning True Arch Top Rail
While barn doors need to have a square top in order to slide along the hardware track, there is the opportunity to incorporate a “top rail arch” into your barn door design. This amazing set of double doors is a good example. With a spanning top rail true arch (HT-0200-D008-P), these doors open to reveal an arched entryway into a home office. The knotty Alder doors are finished in Hope Mountain glaze.
Barn Doors with Flat Top Rail Arch
Another example of barn doors with a top rail arch (TF-0200-D008) is this pair of knotty Alder doors, finished in Longs Peak glaze, with top rail flat arch.


The last few years have seen a surge in Modern-style barn doors.

Modern-style Sliding Barn Doors
From left: A clean, Modern design (SQ-0003-D049-W) in select Poplar (finished in Animas River glaze), with White Lami glass; single, 3-panel select Walnut (SQ-0300-D045), finished in Golden Horn glaze, the flat panel and square sticking contribute to the door’s clean lines and Modern style.
Modern Barn Doors
From left: Vertically arranged 1-panel, 1-lite double door (SQ-0101-D006) made of select White Oak, finished in Mocha stain, and with Satin Etch glass, on display in Sun Mountain’s Denver, CO, showroom; in the Santa Fe, NM, showroom, Modern double barn door (SQ-0000-F090) made of rift-sawn select White Oak, finished in Grays Peak glaze, and featuring six horizontal kerfs inlayed with anodized aluminum.