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Arched Doors

The exterior appearance of your house can make all the difference in the world.  Imagine how your home is viewed by those visiting, or merely driving by.  Choosing the right type of exterior door can make a huge difference in the updating or selling of your house.  There are many styles available to choose from.  Besides type, product name, or architectural style, determining what is best for you takes time and a little research.  One style of door that seems popular today is the arched door.  An arched door is the style that projects a flavor that blends with the house’s architectural design.

Arched wood doors can be nearly any style of door such as panel, plank, or glass constructed with an arched top.  A variety of wood arched designs are available including:

  • True arch – traditional style available in wood or glass paneling
  • Flat Arch – the arch at the top of the door is less pronounced
  • Gothic arch – church door style which comes to a greater apex
  • Tudor arch — comes in panel or glass and can be combined
  • Elliptical arch – a curved or rounded top which can be further enhanced with glass
  • Cathedral arch – unique styling with the top of the door beginning from right to left with a tapering slope.

Each of these styles provides an array of options that offer you with a most compatible and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Another consideration when selecting an arched door is how it is constructed.  Understanding how a manufacturer designs and builds your new door imbeds in you a feeling of confidence that goes a long way in your satisfaction.  Look for these building criteria:

  • Look for stiles and rails that are engineered to resist bowing and warping.
  • Insist upon at least 1/8 inch of veneers
  • Use superior quality Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Using these helpful hints can make your decision for that new exterior door can go a long way toward instilling feelings of confidence and comfort with your purchase.

Whether building your own home or merely remodeling or updating, new exterior and interior doors bring a fresh flavor to your home.  Don’t resist opening a new and exciting door to your plans.