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2-Panel Door with True Arch Top

Sun Mountain builds arched top custom wood doors, for both interior and exterior applications. Arched doors are often considered for Traditional, Mediterranean, and Southwestern architectural styles but, depending upon choice of design, wood species, and finish, arched-top doors are also at home in some contemporary settings.

The amazing door featured here (TR-0200-D008-P) has a true arch top with two planked panels, speakeasy, and applied moulding. It is made of knotty Walnut and finished in Clear Coat.

A true arch top incorporates a 180-degree half circle at the top of the door. Other arches offered by Sun Mountain include the flat arch, gothic arch, Tudor arch, elliptical arch, and cathedral arch. For double doors, the arch spans both doors of the pair. (See illustrations below.)

In addition to making beautiful arched-top doors, Sun Mountain has cutting-edge capability to manufacture challenging arched door frames (also called door jambs). Sun Mountain’s arched door frames are made with thin veneers, face glued together. The veneer layers allow the frame to be formed into the required arch shape. A special radius-bending table to curve and form the top of the door frame is used to match the door’s arch. This factory pre-hanging ensures that the “reveal” (the small gap between the door and the door frame, when the door is closed) is always correct.

Flat Arch and True Arch Top Doors

Above, from left: TR-0600-D047, true arch top door made of knotty White Oak, finished in Rio Grande glaze; FH-0106-D138-P, half flat arch top (spanning) double doors, made of select Alder, finished in Animas River glaze; TR-0202-D007-W, true arch top door made of select Alder, finished in Snake River glaze.

Available Arched Tops