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Arch Top Doors and Arched Door Frames

Arch Top Doors


Sun Mountain can manufacture doors in six different arched top designs. These include flat arch, true arch (180 degree radius), cathedral arch, elliptical arch, Tudor arch, and gothic arch designs as shown below:

Arched Top Designs, Full


The door below is a Tudor arch interior door, installed at our company showroom in the San Francisco Design Center. This door is actually a Dutch door with shelf (split in half, with separate hinges on top and bottom).


Tudor Arch (Dutch Door) Tudor Arch, Open (Dutch Door)

In addition, these arch designs can be completed in half-arches (as shown below), creating the full arch design over double doors.

Arched Top Designs, Half

For example, the door below is a double exterior door, with a simple 3-panel design, with a full arch over the pair (half full arch on each door). This beautiful door is made of character (knotty) cherry, and creates a stunning entrance for the estate home where installed.


3-Panel True Arch Pair, Character Cherry


Arched Door Frames


Arched door frames (also called door jambs) can be a challenge to manufacture, but Sun Mountain has cutting-edge capability to manufacture these frames. Our arched door frames are made with thin veneers, face glued together, as shown below.


Laminate Veneers for Arched Frames


The veneer layers allow us to form the frame into the required arch shape. We use a special radius bending machine to curve and form the top of the door frame, as shown below.


Radius Bending Table

Factory pre-hanging ensures that the “reveal” (the small gap between the door and the door frame, when the door is closed) is always correct.

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