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All About Arch Doors

If you’ve lived with typical rectangular doors for your entire life, perhaps now is the best time to seek out some change. Most doors have the same shape because it makes it easier for house builders and manufacturers. But sometimes having something a little different can make all the difference.

Flat Arch DoorAn arched door can be a great way to give your house a brand new look without doing a lot of work. There are many different arch styles that you can opt for as well, rather than simply being stuck within one arch design. You can choose from a true arch, flat arch, gothic arch, Tudor arch, elliptical arch, and cathedral arch. Each arch may have a softer shape or a more dramatic shape, depending upon which style you choose. If you are building your home from the ground up, you can choose the door and then incorporate the frame into your designs. If you have a home already and simply want to switch out the doors, a few changes may need to be handled in order to get the door to properly fit in the frame area.

No matter what the arch, the door can still be crafted of nearly any style of door. Want a panel arch door? No problem. Glass arch door? Easy. Plank arch doors? Simple. It is simply a matter of you letting the manufacturer know exactly what you want and then waiting for them to fashion your new arched door.  Remember, you can choose any aspect of your door. This means you can choose the wood, the wood grade, the number of panels (if any), the number of glass lites in the door (if any), the arch design, and even the hardware, from the door knob to the hinges. After all,Arch Door it is your door, so why should you let anyone else make those choices for you?

You can’t find a great variety of arched doors at a big box retail store. This is because variety isn’t cost-effective for them and the arch door isn’t a big seller. People are simply used to the traditional rectangular shape of a door. But when you want something different, you shouldn’t go to a retail store anyway. It should be done with care and precision by those who know how to make doors from beginning to end with only the best materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Speak with a door manufacturer today and discover how an arched door can really change the shape of your home.