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African Mahogany

Mahogany Wood None (Unfinished) Sample

Mahogany has long been prized as an exclusive and upscale wood for furnishings, doors, and even cars (you can add Mahogany to your Porsche Cayman for about $2,000). Sun Mountain offers Mahogany sourced from western tropical Africa (scientific name: Khaya ivorensis), featuring an interlocked or straight grain, with a ribbon figure, and moderately coarse texture. Color ranges from creamy-white sapwood to reddish brown heartwood, sometimes with a purple cast. The species is moderately heavy and hard with medium bending and crushing strength, low stiffness and shock resistance, moderate decay resistance, and good stability. The Janka hardness rating for the wood is 840. African Mahogany is available only with a Quarter cut.

Mahogany Table

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Mahogany Color Grid