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A Contemporary Twist on a Classic Door

The most prominent features of a door are likely its design (the configuration of panels and rails) and its wood species. Among the most traditional and prized wood species is Select White Oak with a rift- and quarter-sawn cut. With a mix of straight and “striped” grain patterns, this specially cut wood is a durable and dense hardwood that finishes well and has been a popular selection for doors and trim in finer American homes throughout history.

Featured here is a 2-panel door with square top, made of rift- and quarter-sawn Select White Oak and finished in Sun Mountain’s Dyer Mountain glaze. To complement the beautiful wood, this door features a traditional “lock rail,” placed 36” from the bottom of the door and centered at the handle or knob location (design SQ-0200-D008).

But then there is a twist that gives this door a contemporary feel…

Step Profile Detail
“Step” Profile Detail

Rather than selecting raised panels (the large flat and wide components of the door) and ornate sticking (the thin “picture frame” profile around the panels) as is usually the case with more traditional doors, this door features Sun Mountain’s new “step” sticking profile. The step sticking creates a subtle detail and clean line that beautifully infuses a bit of contemporary style into this handsome classic door.

S1 Sticking and Panel Profile
Sun Mountain’s “Step” Profile