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3 Things to Know About Mission Moulding

Moulding can be a great way to add value to your home.  The best part is that it can be inexpensive if you know where to look and how to include it in your house.  It can be an excellent way to enhance dull rooms or spaces that need a little something extra.  If you’re considering mission moulding, great!  Here are a few tips you should know when bringing moulding to your home.

Remember that Mission moulding works best with similar housing styles.  This means including it in Mission style homes.  You may also have heard them called Southwestern, Adobe, or Mission revival.  The architecture of this type of house was influenced by Hispanic settlers as they moved to the Southwest.  You can find these houses in places like California and they can include stucco siding, square pillars, roof parapets, and arched dormers.  Think of an early mission church and you’ll have a good idea of what the house represents.  That doesn’t mean Mission moulding won’t work in a house that does not have this style, but it is something to consider because you’ll want the moulding to match well and blend with the home.

Whether you intend to use the moulding as crown moulding or at the floor base, avoid painting it white.  Many people would argue that white moulding is beautiful, but pure white moulding will collect dust and quickly look dingy.  You can have that white color, but instead of pure white, try to find an off-white color that you can paint the moulding, otherwise you’ll find yourself dusting frequently to keep your moulding clean.  A good way to make sure your moulding stands out is to paint it a different color from the rest of the room.

Naturally thin moulding will cost less than the thicker type.  If you can’t afford a great piece of thick moulding, then aim for the thinner piece and pick out a narrow piece of trim also.  You can then install the moulding and install the trim a few inches down from the moulding.  Bring both pieces together with paint – paint the moulding, the wall between the moulding and the trim.  Now people will think you have a bigger piece of moulding and a great look!

Don’t rush when looking for Mission moulding.  Remember to take your time and consider the style, price, and any additional supplies you might need, such as paint and installation tools.