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The First Tuscan Style Home

Tuscan homes can be very pretty and comfortable to live in.  But where did these types of homes come from?  It can be difficult to trace the line of history back to the very first Tuscan house, but what is possible is to see how the style evolved into what it is today.  Even better,… Read more

Seek the Natural Beauty of Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

There’s just something about hardwood flooring that makes people happy.  While carpeting is nice in many respects, hardwood flooring has its own merits.  The inclusion of a hardwood floor into a room can really transform it into something special. Hardwood floors come in all shapes and sizes, colors and grains.  Choosing a hardwood floor can… Read more

Is Your Home Right for Mission Moulding?

Knowing which moulding to install in your house can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with all the various types.  Start to look at too many moulding types and they may begin to look the same.  However, you need to take your time when considering moulding for your home.  Not every moulding will match well… Read more

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

A lot of people think that cleaning a hardwood floor means nothing more than getting out a broom and a dustpan.  But if you want your beautiful hardwood floor to stay clean and beautiful for years, it is important to take a little more care.  Especially because dirt, sand, and grit can be a hardwood… Read more

3 Things to Know About Victorian Moulding

Some of the most impressive moulding available is Victorian moulding.  People typically associate crown moulding with the Victorian style, and with good reason.  Victorian moulding was highly popular for a long time, thanks to Victorian style houses.  These houses appeared in the mid 1800s and continued on well until the 1900s. Victorian homes can often… Read more

Victorian Doors

The Victorian era is now known for its elegance and extravagant style. Victorian style homes, while sometimes actually built during the time of the reign of Queen Victoria, are more modern homes that are based on that style of structure. Victorian homes typically have asymmetrical shapes, turret towers, and steep roofs. Since the Victorian era… Read more

Tuscan Style Homes and Doors

Recreations of historical Italian villas, the Tuscan style of architecture started in England some time in the 1840s. Featuring low tile or terra cotta roofs, arched doorways and windows, and stucco or stone construction, Tuscan style homes are a mix of Old World architecture and Mediterranean. When America adopted this style, it became very popular,… Read more

The Tudor Style Door

Next to Contemporary architecture, the Tudor style is the broadest in terms of options, as each was designed with the idea of making the house distinctive. Also known as Medieval Revival, as they are modern-day re-inventions of the types of houses made during that time period in England. It became a symbol, especially after World… Read more

Plantation Doors

If you want a touch of Southern hospitality in your home, the use of Plantation doors can give that sense of romance. They are also known as louver doors, as they are in the style of layered blinds and resemble external shutters. In fact, the Plantation style can also be used as shutters on your… Read more

Mission Style Homes and Doors

Mostly located in the Southwest or Florida, Mission homes are based on the architecture of early Hispanic settlers of California, and so look a lot like the Spanish structures of colonial America. With red tile roofs and a lot of arches, these types of houses have patterned tile work typically seen around the windows or… Read more